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Bluetooth Keyboards For Tablets – A Few Questions Answered

A tablet is a touch-screen entertainment device, but you can use it for your professional work as well. You can even attach a Bluetooth keyboard with your tablet and turn it into a computer. You can use any type of tablet with these keyboards, including iPad, Windows devices, and Android tablets.

You can also use the Apple Smart Keyboard for an iPad, iPad Air, or the 10.5-inch iPad Pro. But if you have the latest iPad Pro, then you need to use the Apple Magic Keyboard.

These keyboards are quite expensive, and if you do not want to spend a huge amount on such accessories, then you can simply choose a universal keyboard. Such Bluetooth keyboards can be used with any devices, and you can use them for your iOS, Windows, and Android systems.



1. Can I use a Bluetooth keyboard with a tablet?


Tablets do not come with additional keyboards, and you have to use a Bluetooth wireless keyboard with them. If you want to use your tablet with a full QWERTY keyboard, then you can choose a portable and detachable Bluetooth keyboard. You do not need to plug such a keyboard with your tablet.

Instead, you can easily pair your tablet with a wireless keyboard via Bluetooth. However, the trick is to choose the right Bluetooth keyboard that is compatible with your device’s operating system.

If you are using an Android device, then you can turn on your keyboard and connect it via Bluetooth of your tablet. You can simply search for the devices on your tablet and choose the keyboard to pair. Similarly, if you have an iPad, then you can turn on your Bluetooth and type your keyboard on the search box to connect.

But there are some keyboards that are specially designed for iOS devices and you must use them for your iPad and MacBook. Else, you can choose a keyboard that is compatible with all devices, like iOS, Windows and Android.


2. Why won’t my Bluetooth keyboard connect to my tablet?


It may be because of the operating system that you are using. For instance, you cannot use a Bluetooth keyboard with your iPad that does not have Broadcom’s Bluetooth connectivity. In this case, you can choose universal keyboards that are compatible with all devices, including iOS, Windows, and Android.

If you face any issue while connecting your Bluetooth keyboard with your tablet, then you can tap the settings of your tablet and change the settings accordingly. Then select the device of the keyboard to pair it with your tablet.


3. How do I make my Bluetooth keyboard discoverable?


If you are using a new iMac, then you must turn it on and search the Bluetooth on your settings tab. Turn on your keyboard by pressing the on/off switch, after which the LED light will blink. Then you can click on the Apple icon on your tablet or MacBook and select the system preferences. You can find your keyboard on this list and set up your Bluetooth keyboard. You may need to enter your passkey, which is available on your MacBook.


4. How do I turn my Bluetooth keyboard on?


To turn on the Bluetooth keyboard, you need to press the on/off switch on the keyboard. You can find it on the top side of the keyboard or at the backside. It depends on the model. If you are not able to find it, read its manual to locate its power switch.


5. How do I charge my Bluetooth keyboard?


Most of the Bluetooth keyboards come with a charging cable. You just need to insert the USB B connector to your keyboard into its small UBS port. Then you can insert the UBS A to the charging adapter or your computer. The charge indicator will turn on and it will stay red while it is charging.

Once the keyboard is fully charged, the light will turn green. Sometimes, your keyboard will go into sleep mode and you need to press its power button to resume the charging.

It is suggested to avoid using any other charging cable for your Bluetooth keyboard, because it can generate more power and damage your keyboard. If you have lost your original charging cable, then you can contact the manufacturer to buy a new one.


6. How do I get my iPad to recognize a Bluetooth keyboard?


To pair the Bluetooth keyboard with your iPad, you have to turn on your keyboard and make it discoverable. Next, go to the Settings app on your iPad and tap the Bluetooth. Turn on the Bluetooth and search the devices. A list of available devices will be visible on your screen. Finally, tap the keyboard name that you want to pair and connect it with your iPad.




There are various types of Bluetooth keyboards available for tablets, and you need to choose the best one according to your device. Most importantly, you need to make sure that you choose a keyboard that is compatible with the operating system of your tablet.


For example, if you are using an Android or Windows device, then you have to choose a Bluetooth keyboard only, because almost all wireless keyboards are compatible with such devices.

But if you have an iPad, then you need to choose a Bluetooth keyboard that has the same frequency level as your device. Else, you can choose a universal keyboard that is compatible with all devices.

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